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Transitional Cushion Shoes

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Transitionally cushioned running shoes are designed for those looking to maintain a moderate to high level of training mileage, for walkers looking to build up an exercise habit, for professionals who stand on hard surfaces throughout the day, or for folks who who want to protect their feet from the constant impact of a moderate workload. Transitionally cushioned shoes may feature novel materials and cutting-edge technology to provide a firmer or softer feel depending on the manufacturer's intent.

An increase in cushion between the foot and the running /walking/standing surface reduces the amount of feedback received by the foot and - as a result - may reduce the foot's ability to strengthen over time. Transitionally cushioned shoes represent a compromise between proprioception (the foot's feel for the ground) and comfort deigned to capture the positive aspects of both. Transitionally cushioned shoes at the Ultra Running Company have between 23 & 27mm of cushion.


- Can feel either cushioned or springy

- "Margin of error" for heel strikes 

- May facilitates lower offset options

- Capable for long and short distances


- Compresses & deforms over time

- Reduction in ground feedback

- Less responsive than minimal cushion

- Less protection than comfort cushion

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