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Drop (Heel/Toe Offset)

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We get it. "Heel/Toe Offset" sounds like one of those terms the industry created to pretend they knew more than you, but the concept is really pretty easy. Look at the amount of cushioning under your heel, then look at the amount under the ball of your foot. The difference between the two is called Heel/Toe Offset, or (more commonly) the "Drop" of the shoe. For example:






The difference is 5mm of additional cushion under the heel, or a “5mm Drop” shoe. In general, walking with no shoes on is the lowest possible drop, while walking in high heels is about as high as we can imagine. Most running and walking shoes fall somewhere in between.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 11.01.48

...and 33.7mm of cushion under the heel.

This shoe has 28.6mm of cushion under the toes...

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