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Despite what they say, I'm no model...I just have good jeans.

I'm here at URC because I love to run, and when I'm not running I love to talk about running with others. I'm known to show up at races and running events any time I'm not in the store, so don't be surprised to see me when you arrive at an aid station at your next race.

I have competed at every distance from a beer mile to 100 miles, but generally I don't need to be competing at all - if you can find me a beautiful trail anywhere in the country, I'll be happy to run down it no matter the time of day or year. In my free time, I also love to ride my road bike for days at a time and am quite the connoisseur of the entire Budweiser Lite lineup - traditional, lime, you name it and I'll join you for great times and great stories!

(980) 237-6624

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