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I've been running as far back as I can remember - if I went somewhere, I WAS RUNNING (or riding my bike, but this isn't a biking store...). Bottom line, I never walked.

I joined the track team in 8th grade after being cut from all the other team sports and realized I was really good at the longer distances. As with many of you, the further I went, the better I was at it.

After school, I kept running for pleasure, but didn't run my first race as an adult until 2012. I started with the 5k and just kept going: half marathon, marathon, 50k, 50 miles, and then 100 miles. If it's a run, I'm in, no matter the distance!

In the end, my story is just like everyone else's: Run, then run further. Race, then race further. Find out about trail running, then set unsupported FKTs (Fastest Known Times, like world records, but not for organized events) across the Southeast. Just normal, everyday stuff. 🤣

These days my favorite thing is long solo adventures in the mountains - which is where you'll generally find me when I'm not at URC. 😉

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