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Cushion (Stack Height)

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We consider cushion a matter of preference. Some folks like to feel every crack in the sidewalk while others prefer a shoe where they can step off the curb and not even know it. We have shoes for people who feel both ways, and everything in between. With that said, the actual science is clear:

- Shoes with less cushion allow the feet to react to the ground and get stronger

- Shoes with more cushion feel pretty darned good after a long day on your feet

So what does that mean? It means if you want to have healthy feet (and legs, and joints and everything else), you wear the least amount of cushion that's appropriate for YOU. There are plenty of good reasons to walk around in your bare feet, and plenty of solid arguments to put a danged memory-foam pillow under your dogs. We're here to help you find the perfect fit, and we have products and expertise to help you choose the perfect solution for your needs!

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