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We really love the shoes, apparel and necessities we stock here at the Ultra Running Company, and think you will, too.

We tend to spend a lot of time with folks talking through the benefits and constraints of each product we sell, and want to ensure our customers have the opportunity to learn everything they can before they buy a product.


We truly think of ourselves as resources, and take a lot of pride in having first-hand knowledge of virtually every product in the store.


We don't think you'll find that at many other stores, specialty running or otherwise.

And we're always working to improve.

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We take privacy seriously at the Ultra Running Company

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy statement please contact us. Our primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide you with a smooth, efficient and customized experience - we prefer to know who our customers are so we can help out in the event something goes wrong or you need personal assistance. Under some circumstances (like when you buy something from us) we may require additional financial information. We use your financial information, including credit card information, address and other information to verify you as the cardholder. We do not keep your payment information on file. The information we maintain in your customer file is used to resolve disputes and troubleshoot problems. We do not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you to any third party.

If you feel like we missed anything here, please let us know - we pretty much just copied it from another respected retail page, and felt OK about that since we’re not charging you anything to read it. Bottom line - we want you to be happy with your choice to shop at the Ultra Running Company, so we’re not going to intentionally do anything to jeopardize that. Thanks again for your understanding and for not suing us. We’re people, too.


We're confident you will love your shoes as much as we do.


If you don't, please feel free to return them in “like new” condition in their original packaging for an exchange or full refund of the product price paid.

We try to keep things simple. Enjoy your shoes and clothing, treat us well, and we'll all be here for a long time.

If they're not the right the first time, we'll fix it. That's why we call running a "community".

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The internet is not our brick & mortar home. There are certain things we can’t do online that we can do in person, so our Satisfaction Guarantee does vary slightly between the good folks giving us a shot on the internet and those who walk in the door here in Charlotte.

If you're considering buying from us online, our first recommendation is always to purchase from a local run specialty retailer - if they’re truly locally owned they’re probably in business because they love what they do and want to help you out as well. If "local" for you is part of a larger chain, our experience is they are less likely to have a clue what they’re talking about, but at the very least you’ll probably walk out in a shoe that fits you the first time (Pro Tip: Take a pass on the insoles...).

Internet purchases from URC are warranted only if the shoes are unworn or if there is a true manufacturer's defect...In other words: you break 'em, you buy 'em.




We’re totally cool with you staying local in your neighborhood, and appreciate you thinking local here in Charlotte. If local just isn’t an option for you or if you’re confident you know what you’re getting into, well, that's why we have So now everyone's eyes are wide open.

* the fine print *

There really isn't much. We hope the warranty above is clear. With that said, we depend on our customers to deal with us in an honest manner and treat us with the respect and dignity we have worked hard to provide every person who walks through our doors. We're not a library. We are committed to honoring our warranty, and appreciate you having the confidence to purchase product from us.

Please send returns to:

The Ultra Running Company

1027 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC 28207

A note letting us know what happened or what you would like us to do is always helpful. For those of you who like details and clarity, here are a couple of situations we can imagine that would make us question having such an inclusive policy.


In these cases, we reserve the right to offer store credit only or refuse the return altogether. We believe we have the most comprehensive return policy in the industry, but we are human and don't particularly enjoy being taken advantage of. ONE LAST ITEM: Our electronics partners insist that warranty issues be addressed directly with them, which means if you purchase and have opened/used a watch, a pair of headphones or a therapeutic device, it's yours. We're happy to discuss everything we know about the product in advance of your use, but once it's out of the package it's out of our hands. So be cool, OK?  It's better for all of us.

In general, we believe that by supporting in the heck out of our customers and treating them fairly, we'll be around for a long, long time. We appreciate your help in ensuring this is a mutually respectful environment, and look forward to continuing the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.



The shoe industry operates on seasons, and last season's shoes are a pretty tough sell at retail.


So if you buy shoes and return them after a long period of time - even if you put them in your closet and don't wear them in the interim - we're pretty much eating the cost of those shoes.


Honestly, at some point you're making your problem our problem. And that's not fair. Just something to think about.

(don't be evil)


(please just...don't)


OK, this is important, so we're going to call it out: From time to time we have really big, really crazy sales. Not often...maybe once a year or so. This is where we bring all of our past season shoes and clothes, and we pretty much fire sale them. If you find something that works, for you, its always an awesome deal. If it doesn't work for you, cool - we'd love to find some current generation shoes and clothes that are the perfect fit. Either way, they're here and *very* inexpensive because we don't want them any more. No returns. Hard stop.



Let's face it - if you return a shoe that has been on a mud run or chewed on by your pet, our vendors aren't going to be taking that shoe back.


We take full responsibility for a shoe fitting and performing properly, but not for your ability to clean it up after your 15-mile test run.


Or of your ability to keep it out of the mouth of an overzealous dog. Fido's oral fixation issues are on you.

(don't be ridiculous)



(don't be cruel)

Look, it doesn't take 100 miles to tell if a shoe fits you. It generally takes one. Maybe a few more than that if you're *really* not 100% absolutely sure.


There is no secondary market for used shoes, so we work really hard to ensure you're in the right shoe the first time.


We understand that sometimes you may "want" a shoe to work, but no one is better off if you choose to ignore our advice and then return a shoe.

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