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It's time to imagine a new way to Learn To Love To Run...


... Imagine never buying a pair of shoes again.


... Imagine working with the Ultra Running Company team to build a holistic program designed just for you.


...Imagine paying a simple monthly fee to experience the very best we have to offer in Training, Racing, Social interaction and Shoe Choice.


Now, Stop Imagining. Do It.

Join the URC Runner's Select Program today.




Runners Select Program Benefits

All The Shoes You Need

(quantities based on program goals)

A Results-Driven, Customized Training Program

Two Race Registrations Per Year

Member-exclusive URC Runners Select T-Shirt

Zwift Runpod

Virtual Reality Running Device

Members-Only Discounts

(15% Off Everything)

Weekly group run w/URC Staff

Early Access to Sales and Events

Weekly E-Communication Engagement

Strava/Facebook Group moderation

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fitness to 5k


When you're starting out, its always nice to have a friend there for you. We'll help you find your first shoes, take your first steps of forward motion, and even complete a your own pace and with our support by your side.


10k to half marathon


Generally speaking, once you run a race you're going to want to try it again. Because that stuff is fun. But you should try something longer, because...well, because.

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crush a marathon


Just like Phidippides, you too can be an amazing Greek runner. But we'll make sure you don't die. Or at least we'll do our best, and if you do pass on, you'll know you had awesome shoes on.


26.3 and beyond


Just doing something isn't enough for you. You do things to the max. You push further, run longer, and get to places no one else can find. Or maybe you just want to get outside for a really, really long time. We'll get you there.

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