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Hey y'all! My name is Lori, but my friends and trail buddies call me SheepDog. That's my trail name and it was given to me because while not all who wander are lost, I tend to keep the flock together and in good spirits on the trails.

After years in medical sales and many adventures - including diving with sharks and rock climbing - I finally found my true thrill passion in trail running. I feel absolutely at home climbing up mountains and barrelling down rocky cliffs. To me, running is a spiritual way to clear the mind and push the body at the same time.

The last few years I have run many different trails and many beautiful mountain races. 50k races are my favorite, and I love the camaraderie that comes with the trail running community. Running is a sport that has no boundaries and brings people together in a common love. It is this love that drove me to coach at the Fort Mill Youth Fast Feet program. Being able to give back the passion of running while coaching youth was such a life-changing and rewarding experience.

So whether you are new to running or an experienced beast out there on the trails, come into the store and let's talk shoes, gear and gadgets. I would love to hear about your running adventures. And hey: if you are new to the running experience, even better! Let us share our love of running with you - come on in and let's talk dirt. Or pavement. Or grass. Whatever. Just come on in!

(980) 237-6624

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