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Hi! I'm Nathan, and the Ultra Running Company is pretty much my fault.

We started the Ultra Running Company in 2013 as a place where like-minded runners could spend time together, talk about their interests, learn about running in a happy and healthy manner, and geek out on shoes and gear. I wanted a place where first time runners and exercise walkers could come to really learn about the sport - a place where they wouldn't be directed towards products that would end up hurting them in the long run.

I believe there is a "right" way to run, an approach that makes you more efficient, less injury prone, and - if it is your goal - even faster. I believe there are shoes that help in achieving this and shoes that can do very real harm, and I don't think that information is being shared with the general public. Our store aims to change that. We are committed to providing Charlotte with real, high quality information, the science to back us up, and the people on staff who are wiling to take the time to learn about what is important to you before we start telling you which shoe to buy.

You'll find a different vibe at the Ultra Running Company, and I hope you like it. We focus on education, conversation, and an easygoing attitude. We have great clothes that I actually wear and we work with vendors who share our interests and values. I am amazingly proud of our staff, and humbled they are willing to work with me. We all love to run, we all actually DO run, and we all want to help you love this activity as much as we do. I know that will come through the moment you step into the store. We're not about setting records or beating others - we want to ensure you're running happily today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

I live here in Charlotte with my wife Courtenay, who thinks I run just a bit too much. Our daughter Samantha has finished a number of races as long as 5k (and currently pole vaults), and will be happy to discuss the finer points of efficient running with anyone who asks. We also have a cat who tolerates our existence.

(704) 313-8619

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