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High Drop Shoes

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Shoes with a high Heel-to-Toe Offset are designed specifically for runners who land on their heels. Originally pioneered by one of the founders of Nike who mistakenly thought a longer stride would lead to faster track times (it doesn't, but that's a story for another day), High Drop shoes have become the industry standard.

Steeply angled shoes provide additional cushion under the back of the shoe and are designed to absorb the shock associated with landing on the heel with the leg fully extended. Although running shoes have at times featured offsets as high as 16mm, recent scientific studies have called into question the benefits of such extreme angles. As a result, the industry is migrating towards more responsible designs, and products featured at the Ultra Running Company provide a maximum of 8mm Drop.


- Absorb incremental shock at the heel

- Familiar feel for most runners

- Maintain consistency w/legacy designs

- No adjustment period


- Modifies natural foot strike

- More difficult to land efficiently

- Enables shock associated w/longer stride

- Not available with "minimal" cushioning

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