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Low Drop Shoes

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Shoes with a low Heel-to-Toe Offset are designed for runners who land on their mid-foot or forefoot. Low drop shoes help facilitate a landing below the body's center of gravity while also providing incremental protection for those who's feet land ahead of the body and on their heels. There is data to suggest that a lower drop contributes to more energy return from the foot itself, as the achilles is lengthened closer to its natural capacity before it rebounds and propells the body forward.

Lightly angled shoes provide a small amount of additional cushion under the back of the shoe and are an excellent option for runners making the transition from a longer, loping stride to a more compact and efficient landing. The lack of significant padding under the heel makes it easier for the foot to clear the ground in front of the body, contributing to the full motion and later landing of a more efficient stride. As a note, trail running shoes often have a lower drop than their road running counterparts due to the additional stability and control associated with the low heel height. Low drop shoes at the Ultra Running Company have between 3 & 5mm Drop.


- "Margin of error" for light heel strikes

- Encourages efficient foot strike 

- Bridges the gap with legacy designs

- Short adjustment period


- Minor modification of natural foot strike

- Comparatively less heel shock absorption vs. similarly cushioned high drop shoes

- Not available from some major brands

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